Formula E: London

Formula E: London






Sound design. Music composition. 360 degree sound design. Spatial sound mixing. PA design and build.

Gen3 Unboxed was an exclusive fan experience for London E-Prix attendees. When people stepped into the installation, we transported them into two 360 degree audio experiences.

We designed a spatial sound system using 60 speakers and 16 subwoofers, recreating the feeling of being at a race, but instead of watching from the sidelines the guests experienced what it would be like to stand on the track. Filling the space with the sounds of passing cars travelling around the room with thundering clarity, team radio comms and live commentary.

The installation also contained an interactive element: Through a tablet interface, attendees could control and change the lighting, sound, and content projected around the installation. Each of the 12 teams had a bespoke music track that played as the guests used the tablet.
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