Creative Director

Simon Little

Simon Little

Simon is a highly acclaimed leader in the field of sound design and composition. He has worked on several groundbreaking projects, including the world’s first flavor-enhancing musical instrument for Diageo, an award-winning mindfulness ‘Blackout Track’ for Asics, and a live 12-hour commercial for Mercedes. Simon has an impressive client list that includes Nike, Bose, Stella Artois, Channel 4, and Vice, among others. His expertise and creativity have enabled him to deliver audio experiences that are truly engaging and memorable for audiences across various mediums such as TV, podcasts, live events, and online videos.

With an early musical career that saw him tour with bands like Quantic and Bonobo as a musician, Simon went on to become the head of the sound and audio department of the independent London production company JJStereo, where he worked with artists like Adele and Kasabian. After gaining valuable experience, he launched his own music studio in East London, where he grew a team of talented sound designers and composers. Simon’s leadership and guidance have helped his team provide clients and agencies with the most compelling audio experiences.

In addition to his work in sound design and composition, Simon is also a co-founder of Chase Lane, a live multitrack recording company. The company has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Ellie Goulding, Florence + the Machine, and Future Islands. Simon’s passion for music and audio has been instrumental in Chase Lane’s success, allowing the company to capture the essence of live performances and deliver them to audiences in a way that’s both authentic and captivating.
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